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  who we are

A G J | Ancient Greek Jewellery is a Greek company which designs, manufactures and distributes jewellery made from precious metals and mineral stones. All jewellery is designed and manufactured entirely by hand in Athens, Greece before embarking on its journey to the ends of the earth.


Our philosophy is to offer the modern dynamic individual, jewellery that bear imprinted the history and cultural heritage of Greece upon it. Every part of our history, every battle, every myth, every moment that contributed to what we now are, is a source of inspiration to us.

Inexhaustible information that should not be forgotten, should not be lost in time.

Each reference is adapted to contemporary aesthetics with simple lines and forms preserving the basic element, the source of inspiration or the message hidden behind each reference, unchanged. We shape our ideas on wax and cast our jewellery with the primordial lost wax technique

in silver and gold.

mission statement

Our goal is to strengthen the production, trade and export capacity of our country by combining

our love for beauty with our heritage and offering the final recipient excellent quality jewellery, bearing the history of the Greek nation with respect.


2020: A G J | Ancient Greek Jewellery is founded by Tatou Rammou


2021: A G J | Ancient Greek Jewellery starts selling wholesale in Greece

corporate social responsibility

We consider it our duty to protect the environment, our living space. This is why we manufacture

our jewellery strictly from recycled silver and use only precious stones carrying

all the necessary certificates related to the environmental protection & respect towards inventories

of natural resources, as well as the working conditions of the workers involved in the

mining and management of these stones from the moment they are mined until they reach us.


Our vision for the A G J | Ancient Greek Jewellery brand is to become known in every corner of the world making us one of the most widespread and coveted brands in the global jewellery market.

We are constantly building our image and we are open to proposals, new ideas and collaborations

in order to make this vision a reality.

Inspired from our heritage, Designed for eternity

Our jewellery has a distinctive feel of pure raw metal.

It brightens and adds glow upgrading the simplest attire, giving it a touch

of the ancient refined Greek aesthetics.

a project by Tatou Rammou


Tatou Rammou
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